Kubernetes Backup Operator

K8up (pronounced /keɪtæpp/ or simply “ketchup”) is a Kubernetes Operator distributed via a Helm chart, compatible with OpenShift and plain Kubernetes.


User self-service for backup and restore operations


Fully multi-tenant way to allow backups and restore

Metrics Included

See how your backups do and alert on misbehaviour

Application Aware

Create application consistent backups

Data Archival

Regularly creation of data archivals to long term storage

Multiple Backup Targets

Restic is used under the hood, support S3, SFTP, Rest, Local and many other targets


It allows cluster operators to:

  • Backup all PVCs marked as ReadWriteMany, ReadWriteOnce or with a specific label.
  • Perform individual, on-demand backups.
  • Schedule backups to be executed on a regular basis.
  • Schedule archival (for example to AWS Glacier), usually executed in longer intervals.
  • Perform “Application Aware” backups, containing the output of any tool capable of writing to stdout.
  • Check the backup repository for its integrity.
  • Prune old backups from a repository.
  • Restore backups with the help of the k8up CLI tool.

K8up is:

  • Stable and production ready since 2019.
  • Based on top of restic, it can store backups in any S3-compatible storage, such as Amazon S3 or Minio.
  • Written in Go.
  • A CNCF Sandbox Open Source project, hosted at GitHub.